I wanted to start 2013 with a post that is a little sentimental.
Something to inspire and encourage our Western Australian designers and those around them. Something that will bring a little hope and a little thought to those that need it. Something that will give some a little kick start to the year ahead through just one word……. BELIEVE.
There are so many meanings to the word ‘believe’ that it was hard to choose just one that I felt covered this powerful word. Despite my indecisiveness, there was an abundance of supporting words that describe exactly what ‘believe’ is all about…..
Truth, credit, testimony, confidence, accept, knowledge, reliability, faith and real.
So it is with these encouraging words that I reflect upon why this one word is so important. Why this one word can make such a difference in a persons state of mind. Why this one word can give so many people hope in making their dreams a reality.
To me, we all have the power of two things –
By believing in ourselves, we evoke the desire to change the way we do things to make ourselves happy. If you believe in yourself and your dreams, you create a world of positivity around you that will lead to good things.
By believing in those around you, you offer support and encouragement. Your choice to believe in someone else and their dreams brings happiness and success. It only takes one person to believe in someone to help make their dreams come true.
For instance, in the world of fashion, having a celebrity choose to wear your garments on the red carpet is every designers dream. Celebrity approval of a label creates unbelievable hype and acknowledgement of that dress, that collection and that designer. So when we see Kim Kardashian in Ruth Tarvydas, Jennifer Hawkins in Ellery, Giuliana Rancic in Aurelio Costarella, Mel B in Steph Audino and Kelly Rowland in Harmony & Lawson, we know that these celebrities have chosen to believe in our Western Australian designers. They believe in the designer enough to trust that what they are wearing makes them look and feel glamorous…. and in turn, they create success for the designer.
In 2012 we also saw designers believing in designers by way of collection, runway and photoshoot collaborations. This provided some of our Western Australian designers with a priceless opportunity to have their name and their label exposed. One of my favourite collaborations of the year was Alex Perry requesting the expertise of WA jewellery designer Carly Paiker to help design his Alex Perry for Magnolia Collection. Needless to say, Mr Perry obviously believed in Carly, her talent and her work aesthetic enough to have her working along side him in his latest venture.
Believing in our designers also comes from us, the consumers. I am constantly asked by those around me “why did you start Designed by WA and why do you keep doing it?” I do it because I believe. I believe in Western Australian designers and the talent that we have in this state. Our city is so isolated from the rest of the world and our designers aren’t given the opportunity to expose their labels like designers in the Eastern States or overseas. I believe that with more exposure and more support, we can help make more of our designers dreams come true. We can support our designers in way of talking about them, promoting them and attending showcasings of their collections. However, the best way we can support them is to believe in them and what they create and to wear them! Making sure that the next purchase we make for ourselves or someone else is by a Western Australian designer! 
I think it goes without saying that everyone has dreams…. everyone thinks about moments, places and people that they would love to have in their life, knowing that it/they would make their life better. Sometimes I feel we get too caught up in life to realise that we only have one shot at it and we should be making the most of it.
We should all be following our dreams by believing in ourselves and in each other.
x x
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